The use of lighting and video in fashion shows represents a unique challenge. When a specific and highly creative design needs to be executed to perfection, there is no margin for error and the technical support needs to be best in class.

We recognise that in the fast-paced world of fashion, there is very little room for compromise, that our solutions need to meet or exceed expectations and that any problems need to be dealt with as efficiently as possible. We are aware of the power of lighting and video within the creative design of the stage. We respect that unlike in many other applications, the set and catwalk need to look amazing from so many angles and meets the demands of the photographers and videographers as well as the audience.

We pride ourselves on the numerous repeat customers we have from creative agencies and production companies and the excellent feedback we’ve had from working alongside them on prestigious events within the fashion industry. Because of the highly creative element and demand for technical excellence, fashion shows are some of the most exciting and rewarding events we work on.

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